Item details - Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Launcher for cruisers intended to counter fast frigates, can only be fitted with regular and advanced light missiles.
Cargo capacity 0.3 m3
Mass 0 kg
Volume 10 m3
Baseprice 76,908 ISK
typeColorScheme 11325
Overload rate of fire bonus -15 %
Heat Damage 1.39999997615814 HP
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Reload Time 35000 s
Secondary Skill required Light Missile Specialization
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.0199999995529652
Meta Level 5 Level
Used with (Charge Group) Advanced Light Missile
Used with (Charge Group) Light Defender Missile
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Powergrid Usage 77 MW
slots 1
CPU usage 39 tf
Rate of fire 6240 s
Charges Per Cycle 1
Primary Skill required Missile Launcher Operation
requiredSkill1Level 3
Used with (Charge Group) FoF Light Missile
Used with (Charge Group) Light Missile
Tech Level 2 Level
requiredSkill2Level 1