Corporation details - Lonetrek Blacksoul Federation [LBF]
Alliance: Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies CEO: Joshee
Kills: 260 HQ: Iivinen VIII - Moon 10 - CONCORD Assembly Plant
Losses: 0 Members: 41
ISK destroyed: 432.05B Shares: 11000000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
Lonetrek Blacksoul Federation has grown into a tight group of friends who seek to have a good time without the chaos and drama that you might find in other corporations. It's a game and it's all about the fun.

XO, PvP Director -
Stray Jenkins

Lonetrek Blacksoul Federation is Null PVP corp recruiting new and experienced players.
Join us in our public channel:
LBF Public Channel
Visit our forum: for more information about our corp.

What We Offer:

- Active in EU/US Timezone's
- Ratting, Mining (w/ice belts), Exploration, & Industry Opportunities
- 0.0 NBSI
- Experienced Leadership
- Relaxed Atmosphere, No drama
- No SP Requirements
- Free Skill Books for newbies
- Logistics Services
- Small / Medium Gang Warfare
- Ship Replacement Program
- Newbro Learning

To Apply You Must:

- Be willing to train for needed ships and doctrines
- Have a working mic & Teamspeak
- Be willing to use Discord
- Join PVP Ops
- Be able to act maturely and have a good attitude
- Be self sufficient at making isk.

If you're looking to have fun and get some kills, consider joining our public channel "
LBF Public Channel." and speak with one of our recruiters: Bop Solagen, Joshee.
API Required to Join
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Solar Citizens
The Forge, Oijanen (0.4)
I: 1003 C: 0
Heavy Assault Cruiser
Northern Coalition.
Deklein, DKUK-G (0.0)
I: 96 C: 0
Destiny's Call
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 72 C: 0
Most Usual Suspects
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 52 C: 0
Logistics Cruiser
Invidia Gloriae Comes
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 53 C: 0
Destiny's Call
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 52 C: 0
Recon Ship
Destiny's Call
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 61 C: 0
Invidia Gloriae Comes
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 56 C: 0
Force Auxiliary
Hell's Sirens
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 98 C: 0
Deus Vult.
Wicked Creek, M-MBRT (0.0)
I: 79 C: 0
10 Most recent losses

No data.