Corporation details - Galactic Nightmare [NHTMR]
Alliance: None CEO: Banshe Santaru
Kills: 60 HQ: Funtanainen VIII - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Losses: 0 Members: 8
ISK destroyed: 14.43B Shares: 10000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
We are a nullsec corp with long time players. we are not very large like other corps but we have alot of fun , with no playtime requirements. ( Real life is more important)
(though of course we prefer more active players!). Our alliance timezone spans across the globe, though our primary activity tends to be centralized around United States evenings.
We are a pvp corp although we do many forms of PVE when we aren't on fleets! No idea how to do PVP? No problem! We are more
than willing to teach, though we do expect you to learn! PVE tends to include ratting, mining with boosts, exploration, or
whatever you like to do, we have someone else who does it and would be happy to join you.

We also have a very strong SRP in place to get your isk back if you end up dying while on alliance fleets!
In addition to the SRP, our corp has a few benefits such as Cheap, sub Jita fitted ships on contract.
Finally, if you are worried about moving all of your ships, don't be! We have a full jump freighter network available
Corp requirements include Discord, TeamSpeak, and an API before we accept your application.
If any of what I said sounds interesting, feel free to Private Message me for more details (Please include your corp name). Otherwise...Fly Safe! o7
tareek allah
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