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EVF Killboard Alliance Details - Central Omni Galactic Group []
Alliance Details - Central Omni Galactic Group []
Kills: 6 Executor:
Losses: 17 Members:
ISK destroyed: 9.49B Start Date:
ISK lost: 3.84B Number of Corps:
Efficiency: 71.19%
Top Killers
February 2019
Pilot Kills
All time
Pilot Kills
rogue venom 1. rogue venom 3
Bolor Gombura 2. Bolor Gombura 3
Nickolay Doyrenskii 3. Nickolay Doyrenskii 2
Shindeforlife Nakrar 4. Shindeforlife Nakrar 2
Nuclear Fallout 5. Nuclear Fallout 1
Kristiaan 6. Kristiaan 1
Dimitrije Blacksheep 7. Dimitrije Blacksheep 1
Payto Trend 8. Payto Trend 1
Trufer Hanaya 9. Trufer Hanaya 1
Maria Akachi 10. Maria Akachi 1